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Robert Jašków

An actor in Švanda Theatre

He was born 4. 12. 1969 in Truntov. He graduated at Theatre Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. His professors were Jaroslav Vostrý, Petr Čepek and Věra Galatíková.

He worked with Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem, later in Prague in Theatre Labyrinth and in theatre company CD 94 in Celetná. He is member of Švanda theatre since 2002. He won the Award of Telemania for his role of professor Daněk in film Death of pedophile directed by Ivan Pokorný. He is married, he has two sons Jan and Jakub and daughter Mariana. 



Celebrity s.r.o., Child 44, Dangerous bait, Intimacy, Diamant swords, Ene Bene, Piece of Heaven, Labyrinth, Last train, Rainy Fairy, Herritage II, Smal Lies, Fear, Masaryk, Milada and more



Wild country, I was younf intelektuál, Death of Pedophile, Citiy without breath, The Newsroom, The Street, Private Traps, CSI Anděl, Czech Century, The Surgery in Rose Garden, tv show Your Face Sounds Familiar and more