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    Švanda Theatre Ensamble performing all over world.

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    We previously visited several countries:

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Happy End

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Srpnové světlo*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Slovenské národné divadlo): Dějiny násilí

    USA, Chicago (Chopin Theater): AI: When a Robot Writes a Play (performance screening)*
    USA, Chicago (Chopin Theater): Pankrac´45 (2 reprises)*
    USA, Chicago (Chopin Theater): Protest/Debt*
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): AI: When a Robot Writes a Play (performance screening)* **

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Hadry, kosti, kŭže*

    Hungary, Vác (Danube Bend Theatre Vác): Cry Baby Cry
    USA, Washington (Devine Theater): The Good and The True (2 reprises)*
    USA, Washington (Gonda Theater): Protest/Debt (2 reprises)*
    USA, Washington (Gonda Theater): Pankrac´45 (2 reprises)*
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): The Night Before Funeral*
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): Protest/Debt* 
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): Pankrac´45*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Protest/Debt*

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Pankrac´45* 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Štúdio L+S): Kdo je tady ředitel?*

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Misantrop*

    Souht Korea, Busan (Busan International Performing Arts Festival): Hamlet (2 reprises)*
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): Šoa 
    USA, New York (Bohemian National Hall): The Good and The True 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Popeláři*

    USA, New York (APAP): The Good and The True*
    USA, New York (DR2): The Good and The True (56 reprises)*
    Slovakia, Bratislava: Kdo je tady ředitel?
    Germany, Berlin: Zpověď masochisty 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Boris Farkaš*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Cry Baby Cry*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Marian Labuda* ml.
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Země lhostejnost*

    Great Britain, Leeds (The Carriageworks Theatre): The Good and The True (7 reprises)*
    Great Britain, London (West London Synagogue): The Good and The True*
    Great Britain, London (London Jewish Cultural Centre): The Good and The True*
    Great Britain, London (Hampstead Village Shul): The Good and The True (5 reprises)*
    Great Britain, Mansfield (The Brunts Academy): The Good and The True (2 reprises)*
    Great Britain, Sunderland (Portland Academy): The Good and The True*
    Great Britain, Leeds (Leeds Prison): The Good and The True*
    Belgium, Brussels (Centre Communautaire Laïc Juïf): The Good and The True*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Ady Hajdu*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Šoa* 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Marta Sládečková*
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Parchant Marilyn*

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with L. Latinák a J. Kemka
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Nakrm hada na své hrudi 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Vlado Černý
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Gottland

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Zpověď masochisty
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Miro Noga

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Pohřební slavnost 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Szidi Tobias
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Dioptrie růžových brýlí 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Stage Interview with Anna Šišková

    Slovakia, Bratislava: Kdo je tady ředitel? 
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Autobus
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Kdo je tady ředitel?

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Mandragora
    Russia, St. Petersburg: Škola pro ženy
    Russia, St. Petersburg: Periférie
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Slepice
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Dorotka

    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Lebka z Connemary 

    Poland, Kalisz: Slepice
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Žena z dřívějška
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Nebožtík Henry Moss 

    Belarus, Brest: Škola pro ženy
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Brýle Eltona Johna
    Slovakia, Bratislava (Divadlo Astorka Korzo´90): Klářiny vztahy
    Hungary, Budapest: Poručík z Inishmoru


    * the tour was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic
    ** the trip was financially supported by the Václav Havel Library Foundation


  • Visitor rules

    The Visiting Rules are part of the Business Terms and Conditions of the Švanda Theatre in Smíchov and determine the conditions that the buyer (hereafter referred to as the spectator) must comply with in all areas of the theater to which he obtains the right of entry based on the purchase of a ticket or for another reason. The audience is obliged to respect the visiting rules in all areas of the theater. By purchasing a ticket, the viewer agrees to the Business Terms and Conditions of the Švanda Theatre in Smíchov and to these Visitor Rules and undertakes to comply with them.

    The visiting rules of Švanda Theatre in Smíchov do not affect the obligations arising for the viewer from generally binding legal regulations, good manners, rules of politeness and decent behavior, as well as obligations arising from organizational instructions.

    • Every spectator entering the theater is required to present a valid ticket. Spectators without a valid ticket will not be allowed to enter the auditorium. If they do not prove themselves in this way, they will be asked to leave the premises of the theater and, in case of disobedience, they will be escorted out. The ticket is valid exclusively on the specified day, hour, row and place. Each spectator must have a separate ticket. A duplicate can be issued for lost tickets purchased at the box office and online. It is necessary to fill out a request for issuing a duplicate at the cash desk.
    • The ticket is only valid unaltered, undamaged, complete, i.e. with a control slip, and entitles one to one entry to the Main Hall or the Studio. Any tampering with the ticket makes the ticket invalid, the holder cannot be admitted to the auditorium with such a ticket. Forging a ticket is a crime. Tickets are checked by the auditorium staff.
    • For the reason stated in § 1837, letter j) of the Civil Code, it is not possible to withdraw from the purchase of a ticket, because it is a contract for the use of free time and performance to which the ticket entitles (participation in the performance is provided on the specified date).
    • Tickets can be exchanged for another date of the same performance or for a different performance, but no later than 7 working days before its performance. Method of exchanging tickets:
      * if the original tickets were purchased at the box office - the exchange must be made in person at the box office - in case of a higher price of replacement tickets, their value must be paid in cash or by card, otherwise we will not refund the price difference.
      *Online via the theatre's website/web-ticket - you need to send an exchange request to the address (in the body of the e-mail you must include the date and name of the replacement performance and insert the original tickets in the attachment) - exchange of tickets purchased online cannot be made for tickets of a higher value, in case of a lower price we will not refund the difference.'
      *For other vendors (Ticketportal) - the exchange must be made at the given vendor according to its conditions.
    • When changing a performance or canceling a performance, the viewer is governed by the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of the Švand Theater.
    • Change of programme is reserved.
    • The theater building opens 30 minutes before the start of the performance, entry to the auditorium is allowed 15 minutes before the start of the performance, unless otherwise determined by theater operations in both cases.
    • A spectator who arrives late, i.e. after the start of the performance, cannot be seated in the auditorium. In the case of a performance or event that has an intermission, the audience may be admitted to the hall during the intermission. If it is a concert, the audience can only be allowed into the hall between performances.
    • The spectator is obliged to respect the instructions of the auditorium staff and other authorized persons of the theater and is obliged to comply with all written instructions published in the audience areas.
    • Authorized employees of the theater have the right to deny entry to persons under the influence of alcohol or narcotic and other psychotropic substances, with weapons, or accompanied by animals, the only exception being guide and assistance dogs for disabled persons. Entry to the theater premises is also not allowed to dirty persons or persons who disrupt the course of the event, endanger the safety of other spectators, do not follow the Visiting Rules and do not heed the instructions of authorized persons.
    • For disabled spectators in wheelchairs who do not have the option of seating in the auditorium, one seat on the ground floor in the 2nd row on the left, one seat in the 3rd row on the left and one seat in the 1st row in the Studio are reserved in the Main Hall. This option for performances by guest groups and concerts may be limited depending on the nature of the performance. Seats must be reserved in advance at the theater box office, without a reservation it is not possible to let the audience into the auditorium.
    • At events and performances, we recommend suitable social or formal clothing for the audience. With their appearance, clothing and behavior, the viewer respects the customs expected when visiting a theater performance.
    • The child must have their own ticket unless otherwise stated. Children from 3 years pay an entrance fee, younger children have free entrance if they are sitting on their parents' lap. A parent, legal representative, educational supervisor or chaperone is responsible for minors and their behavior.
    • Before the start of the performance, the audience is asked to turn off or silence their mobile phone, and during the performance, any use of it that may disrupt the flawless course of the performance is prohibited.
    • It is not allowed to take photos, make audio or video recordings, or infringe copyright in any other way during the performance.
    • Spectators have the opportunity to leave outerwear, hats, umbrellas, shopping bags, etc. in the cloakroom. This service is free. The theater is not responsible for damage to items stored in the dressing room, which are not normally stored in the dressing room (e.g. valuables, documents, keys, mobile phones or other electronic devices).
    • If a spectator loses a cloakroom token, they will pay the amount of 100 CZK and their belongings will be given to them as the last person, and only after they have been described in detail. In case of loss of a cloakroom token or ticket, the theater is not responsible for any damage caused in case that another person collects the deposited item based on the presentation of this token or ticket. The spectator is obliged to pick up things left in the cloakroom no later than 20 minutes after the end of the performance.
    • It is forbidden to bring big luggage into the auditorium for safety reasons. Strollers can only be stored in the theater in reserved places after agreement with the auditorium staff, and only until the capacity is full. It is not allowed to leave a child in the stroller unattended during the performance. Bicycles cannot be stored in any area of ​​the theater.
    • Consuming refreshments is only possible in designated areas. Bringing food and drinks in glass into the auditorium is prohibited. Only drinks in resealable plastic containers are allowed. The audience is obliged to keep the theater premises clean and orderly.
    • Spectators are only allowed to move in designated areas. It is forbidden to enter the places reserved for theater personnel and all backstage areas. The exception is when accompanied by a responsible employee. It is recommended that spectators move carefully and responsibly in all these areas. In the event of a fire, everyone is obliged to obey the instructions of the theater staff.
    • In the event of an evacuation from the theater premises, every person staying in the premises at that moment is obliged to follow the evacuation plan and follow the instructions of the fire patrol, the auditorium staff and other authorized persons managing the evacuation. Upon their call, everyone is obliged to leave the building immediately following the designated routes marked with green arrows and informative signs to indicate the escape route.
    • In the event of sickness or injury to any person, anyone who observes this fact must notify the auditorium staff or the auditorium inspector. A first aid kit is available from the auditorium staff.
    • The premises of the theater are cultural facilities, in which every person should behave in such a way as not to damage the equipment or pollute the interiors. Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in all areas.
    • In case a spectator causes damage and violates the rules of these Visiting Rules by their own will, due to obvious negligence or malicious intent, a protocol will be drawn up with them on the spot. In case of the viewer's unwillingness to prove his identity or other non-cooperation with the auditorium staff, the assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic will be requested (§ 63 of Act No. 273/2008 Coll., on the Police of the Czech Republic). The scope, amount and method of compensation will be determined according to the relevant legal regulations.
    • Each person entering the theater agrees, without further notice, to the free use of their image or likeness as part of any visual recording, transmission or reproduction of the performance for commercial or promotional purposes, within the scope of displaying all or part of the auditorium, corridors and foyer in connection with the theatre, the organizer of the event and its contractual partners.

    Thank you for understanding and respecting the provisions of the Visiting Rules of the Švanda Theatre. The Visiting Rules are also available for viewing by auditorium inspectors.