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    • Are you fond of theatre?

      Do you enjoy the Švanda Theatre in particular?

      Can you regonize the man from our logo from afar?

      If you have answered all of the above with yes, then you are a born ŠvandaGoer and there's only one more step before you can join the Club of loyal theatergoers! All you need to do is complete a simple form either here or directly at the box office and pay the 20 CZK entry fee. Following registration, you'll receive your own ŠvandaCard with its unique barcode that will make your life and the life of your wallet more pleasant.

      Being a ŠVANDAGOER pays off!

      What benefits do the ŠvandaCard and Club membership entail?

      • preferrential update about all theater activities and events
      • at least once per month a special-deal 50% off show for ŠvandaGoers only
      • progressive discount system - the more often you buy tickets, the bigger the discount
        • 1st purchase: 10% discount
        • 2nd purchase: 15% discount
        • 3rd purchase: 20% discount
        • 4th purchase: 25% discount
        • 5th purchase: 30% discount
        • 6th purchase: 40% discount (final discount on all further purchases)


      Terms and Conditions of the ŠvandaGoer Club:

      1. It is mandatory to present your ŠvandaCard before the purchase at the box office - should you fail to do so, discounts cannot be provided. 
      2. The stated discounts are valid for shows of the Švanda Theatre Ensemble and Cakes and Puppets Ensemble (with the exception of fairytales).
      3. The discount cannot be applied to more than 2 tickets to one show. 
      4. The discount is not cumulative with other discounts available (Student, Senior, Last Minute, First Minute).
      5. In case of show cancelation and ticket reimbursement, discount amount remains at the level of last valid purchase (e.g., from the 30% discount back to the 25% discount).
      6. There are no time limitations on the card's validity nor further membership fees. 
      7. In case of card loss, a new card must be purchased at the box office. 
      8. The card is nontransferable.

      ŠvandaGoer in no time

      Fill in the form and click “Send”.

      You will receive an email with a confirmation link.

  • For Schools

    When it comes to subject matter or modern interpretation our shows are especially attractive to young audience. Kids and teenagers have thus the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of literature or raise their awareness of the country and world where they live. 

    Our repertoire consists of both classic plays and literary titles in the contemporary interpretation that enables students to familiarize themselves with texts that are part of reading assignments or general cultural knowledge in a different form.

    This group includes Hamlet by Shakespeare, George Orwel's 1984 or Tolstoj's Anna Karenina.

    On top of that we also present shows regarding contemporary culture, literature or political situation such as a story about the search for home and one's own blood despite history in the attractive cabaret genre Cabaret Winton.

    We hope to welcome you and your students in the Švanda Theatre on many occasions. Let's show them that theatre, its classic form notwithstanding, does not have to be a nuisance!  


    Mahulena Košťálová 
    tel.: +420 257 321 334, mob.: +420 724 003 857
    e-mail: obchodni (at)