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PREMIERE - Trolls Amongst Us

New show on repertoir

A generational testimony full of exciting "scrolling" and self-ironic clicks. Like!

Prague district Letná. Law graduate Vojta and mysterious girl Lena are having drinks in one of many bars. It looks like successful date when a phone-call not only spoils the date but also turns Vojta's life upside down.

His grandpa was arrested and charged of terrorism. Bad joke? Vojta decides to visit him and clear him of all the false accusations. Soon, however, it turns out that their relationship is rather distorted. How to make it right? Who's his grandfather? And who's the girl from the bar who wouldn't stop contacting him?

The coexistence of different generations has never been easy. In the digital age of information wars, false messages, misinformation, and alternative "facts" where their authors intentionally confuse and divide society, this is twice the true.

The original play by the young Czech author Barbora Hančilová (1993) describes a world in which the closest ones are usually the most distant and where the only way out is through virtual lands full of trolls. It's freely inspired by "the first Czech terrorist attack" commited in Mladoboleslavský district by seventy-year-old Czech pensioner to draw attention to the alleged danger associated with migratory waves. Still, it is not a "documentary drama," but a brisk story of the present, not lacking tension and self-iron humor.