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Love is said to carry mountains. But there are far more obstacles to this love in the way - society and wounded pride. Catherine and Heathcliff made a vow at the free foothills of the Wuthering Heights, where the passion is as cruel as the northern wind. However, children who do not know the differences become adults and their bond weakens under the pressure of social differences and false ideas of happiness. When betrayal occurs, love is dangerously close to hate. And from the hatred back to love, the road stretches so far that the end of the next generation will see the end of it.

Emily Brontë's famous novel, on the border of love literature, psychological drama and Gothic horror, captures the story of two generations, which suffers from a spontaneous decision by the father of the family to take the abandoned orphan Heathcliff. A family saga in the grip of eternal contradictions: love and hate, freedom and bondage, a society prone to simple appraisals, and nature that knows no differences.

There are mountains that neither love can conquer, and the road to their top is constantly hampered by forces stronger than any whim of the wind. How many years does love need to pave the way through the thistles of aging intrigue?