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Daniel Hrbek

Theatre director and managing director of Švanda Theatre

Hrbek Daniel has been managing director of Svanda Theatre ever since 1999.

In Svanda Theatre, he has directed more than 18 performances. In 1994 he founded the highly regarded theatre company called CD 94 and he ran it for 8 years as an artistic director performing in various European countries. Before he became performance director and managing director of Svanda Theatre, he was an actor in various Czech prestigious theatres for many years.

His show The Good and the True was successfully put on Broadway stage in New York, but also in Washington, in Great Britain and in Belgium. He has experience with international co-production workshops for students ( DAMU & Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA; DAMU & The New School of Drama in New York, USA).


Mgr. Daniel Hrbek, Ph.D.
tel.: +420 257 313 567
e-mail: hrbek (zavináč)