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Balet Praha Junior - Elixír

Four works by important Czech and foreign choreographers, and one dance story with a detective plot.

Show Length: 1 hr 35 min without intermission
Cast: Balet Praha Junior

The evening will offer a wide range of music - in chronological order: from Buddhist mantras, through authors such as Vivaldi, Handel, Tchaikovsky to authors of the 20th century: Sibelius, Ravel, Glass, or the group Karpatt, Joe Tex, Coralie Clément.... Members of the Ballet Praha Junior artistic troupe, students and graduates of the conservatory - high school Dance Center Prague will dance for you.

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Divadelní spolek JEDL: Médeia

19:00 Nebeský - Trmíková - Prachař
Divadelní spolek JEDL


19:00 William Shakespeare
Main hall
Švandovo Theatre Ensemble