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Buchty a loutky - Žabák Valentýn

Buchty a loutky
Cakes and Puppets

A story about a spoiled frog-boy, his friend Isabela...a stork!

Show Length: 45 min without intermission
Premiere Date: 14. 11. 1999

“Quack, quack … why are you looking at me like that? I’m a prince!” says a spoilt frog boy one day and runs away from his mum and dad to find a princess for himself in the wide world where frog enemies lurk: snakes, hedgehogs, but chiefly – the storks. 

That’s why Valentin warns Isabella, the little bird he meets on his way, against the storks and protects her until .. oh no, don’t say it … Isabella is… a stork! And his best friend at the same time. 

Is that possible? Come and see … Quack.

The performance is designed for children aged 3+.

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