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Buchty a loutky - Zlatá husa

Buchty a loutky
Cakes and Puppets

Oh, that golden goose, so shiny and so precious, lures everyone and glues them. 

Show Length: 45 min without intermission
Director: Marek Bečka
Cast: Buchty a loutky
Premiere Date: 20. 3. 2010

Only the youngest of three brothers, considered silly by everyone, goes on to take it to the princess because he likes her and wants to make her laugh. He would even be willing to marry her. 

But the king resents this and so help is needed, including that of a kind giantess. In short, greed doesn’t pay off, sadness is a bad advisor and even the last and mocked can become a king in the end. 

You’d better come to the theatre so as not to miss the happy end.

The performance is designed for children aged 4+.


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