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Mural Wall

Experience of infinity, and thus irreproducibility.

The period we live in is very often said to be centered around media. Not only are we constantly overwhelmed by the flow of information from the radio, television or internet, we preserve and archive this information for future generations.

The theatre too is a type of the media. Very personal, very intimate. It is well known that any attempts at recording this intimity on film or another medium is next to impossible. One can only experience its authenticity and emotion directly in the theatre. A chance to encounter this exceptional experience ends with a derniere of the show.

The Mural Wall as we call our media project is also an attempt at mediating an exceptional experience. An experience of infinity, and thus irreproducibility. Once every six months a guest artist confronts the 3,5 by 5 metre wall to realize an original painting inspired by the theatre world, its atmosphere or simply by a specific show in the theatre foyer over the next fortnight. Half a year later another artist approaches the mural wall and by a few brush strokes are enough to put end the life of the previous mural.

The Mural Wall is located in the theatre foyer so café visitors can observe creation of an original mural in real time while its author already comes to peace with the fact that his work will be covered by the paint of the next artist. Birth and cessation comprise therefore the main idea behing the Mural Wall. 

Our Mural Wall has so far presented twelve artists: 
Tomáš Císařovský
Michal Pěchoušek
Milan Cais
Miloš Gašparec
Jiří David
Ivana Lomová
Michaela Čížková
Antonín Střížek
Klaus Voormann
Jozef Hugo Čačko
Michal Ožibko
Jacob Erftemeijer
Adéla Kostkanová (now)