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Thálie Awards 2020

The Švanda Theater received three wider nominations for the Thalia Awards 2020

Luboš Veselý impressed the commission with his portrayal of the dramatic fate and inner tension of the poet Vladimír Holan. Representatives of the professional public also found remarkable the performance of his acting colleague Miroslav Hanuš, who in the role of Jan Werich, brilliantly depicts the paradoxes of the life of the "national sage and clown", in our show Hadry, kosti, kůže.

Natálie Řehořová, a member of the Švanda Theatre ensemble for her title role in the production of Lady Macbeth from Újezd ​​(directed by David Jařab; premiere on 29 February 2020), can also be found in the broader nomination for female performance. In the this drama, she demonstrates a variety of finesse of the female soul - from extreme vulnerability to the brink of brutal cruelty.

Congratulations to all the nominees and we hope that soon the audience will be able to see them and our productions live again.