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The Mark Ravenhill Award, which was initiated fourteen years ago by Divadlo LETÍ, is regularly awarded for the best production of a contemporary play.

The ceremonial announcement of the winner will take place on June 6, 2024 at 8:00 p.m. in the VILA Štvanice Theatre. The prize will traditionally take the form of a fur coat, which will be designed for this year's winner by the young Czech designer Maria Nina Václavková, who specializes in shoe design and has long been dedicated to a sustainable production process. She is the holder of several design awards - for example The Talent of Design International Competition or the Outstanding Student Design 2017 award. A model of her Rectangle shoes is even on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Our nominated productions:

Trójanky (Trojan women) // David Košťák

directed by: Anna Turlo

David Košťák's play The Trojan Women, inspired by Euripides' text, has a very topical subtext. It shows the backstage of the war, in which he does not fight directly, but accumulates all the more suffering. The testimonies of three women of different social status show that suffering is not avoided by anyone. The connection with Ukrainian women creators, especially the director Anna Turlo, and excellent acting performances in the intimate environment of the Švanda Theatre Studio brings a very impressive experience.

Na první pohled (Prima facie) // Suzie Miller

director: Lucie Ferenzová

An unexpected event changes the life and way of thinking of the self-confident lawyer Tessa, who until then wins every case. Now she herself becomes a victim of the legal system and loses faith in justice. In Suzie Miller's well-constructed monodrama, the actress Marie Štípková changes many positions: from ferocity, insensitive cynicism and self-centered competitiveness to vulnerability, sensitivity and helplessness. Although her combativeness does not leave her, she eventually begins to doubt both the system and herself. We know from statistics that every tenth woman in the Czech Republic is raped, but only 5% of them report the crime, which is largely due to the victim's fear that no one will believe them. Everyone should see the chilling production directed by Lucie Ferenzová in the Švanda Theatre. Maybe then he would believe and understand more easily.
Lenka Veverkova