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AI: When a Robot Writes a Play

umělá inteligence
Švandovo Theatre Ensemble

What does the robot think about, how does it feel and can it write a play? Snippets from the life of artificial intelligence in its own words. Futuristic Little Prince of the postpandemic era. 

Show Length: 55 min without intermission plus discussion
Director: Daniel Hrbek
Cast: Jacob Erftemeijer, Anna Stropnická, Andrea Buršová, Petr Buchta, Oskar Hes/Marek Frňka, Tomáš Petřík
Premiere Date: 26. 2. 2021

The story of the robot, which after the death of its master was left at the mercy of various individuals of human society, balances on a thin line between absurd black comedy with existential drama.  

An "autobiographical" play written by artificial intelligence that talks about the search for closeness of someone in a world where people have not known or are not able to make simple contact with each other for some time, and in which the path of one person to another is the hardest to cover. 

Every reprise will be followed by a debate with experts in artificial intelligence and theater makers. The show is not only a testament to the current capabilities of computer technology, but also an engaging vision of the future world inspired by the sci-fi classics. 

On the occasion of the centenary of Karel Čapek's play R.U.R, the Švanda Theatre prepared a presentation of a unique project THEAITRE that examines whether artificial intelligence can write a play. Within a few months, the computer generated images from the life of a robot that has to face the joys and sorrows of everyday life. And it revealed to us how it perceives basic human issues such as birth, dying, the desire for love, the search for jobs, or aging.

The project takes place in cooperation with the Švanda Theatre, MFF UK and DAMU.

More about the project:

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS: Rudolf Rosa, Ondřej Dušek, Tom Kocmi, David Mareček, Tomáš Musil, Patrícia Schmidtová, Dominik Jurko, Ondřej Bojar (MFF UK), Klára Vosecká a Josef Doležal (DAMU), Máša Nováková (Tygr v tísni), Tomáš Studeník a Petr Žabka (CEE Hacks)

The premiere of the "robot-written play" took place without the presence of the audience, but it did not lose its theatrical character. The partner of the foreign presentation is the Czech Centers. A foreign network of centers was involved in sharing the event through social networks (Czech Centre Athens, Berlin + Tschechische Kultur Düsseldorf, Bratislava, Brussel, Budapest, Bucharest, Kyiv, London, Milano, Munich, Moscow, , New York, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Tel Aviv + Czech House Jerusalem, Tokyo, Vienna, Czech Centres – Headquarters). The world public could watch an unusual theatrical event together with the domestic audience.


CAST: Jacob Erftemeijer, Anna Stropnická, Andrea Buršová, Petr Buchta, Oskar Hes/Marek Frňka, Tomáš Petřík

DIRECTOR: Daniel Hrbek
PROJECT AUTHOR: Tomáš Studeník
STAGE DESIGN: Martin Šimek
COSTUMES: Paulína Bočková
DRAMATURGY: Martina Kinská, David Košťák
STAGE MANAGER: Blanka Popková
PRODUCTION: Tereza Marková


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