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Despite Addiction (Závislosti navzdory)

Dodo Gombár a kolektiv
Švandovo Theatre Ensemble

Nobody's gonna be sober for you!

Show Length: 1 hr 30 min without intermission
Director: Dodo Gombár
Premiere Date: 24. 9. 2016
Derniere Date: 15. 6. 2017

There are around 700 000 alcoholics in the Czech Republic. On average, people make their first experience with alcohol at the age of 11. According to statistics, though, cases of children as young as 8 years of age drinking are no exception. Rehab centres are full. Where does acceptable alcohol consumption end and an addiction, destroying not only the user but also their family, begin? At what point does a drug promising relaxation, joy and self-confidence turn into an abyss that only a few succeed to escape?

A tragicomedy about the fight against alcohol. About alcohol abusers, alcohol consumers and alcohol abstainers. Countless stories alike. It makes no difference whether one is a bartender, a teacher, a pastor, a clerk or a film director. Some want to escape the world, some want to escape alcohol, all want to escape themselves. From reality to delirium from delirium to reality - it's hard to say which is worse or when life ceases to be livable.

There is always someone profitting from addiction. Simply turn a blind eye, raise your glass and propose a toast to good health, until somebody dies.

Based on true events including the so called "methanol affair."

Kindly note that actors smoke on stage and explosive effects are used during the show.

JAN: Robert Jašków
VÁVRA: Tomáš Červinek
JANÁČKOVÁ: Bohdana Pavlíková
ADDICTION: Andrea Buršová
LENKA : Eva Josefíková
TOMÁŠ: David Punčochář
STANDA: Tomáš Petřík
BARTENDER: Miroslav Hruška
MARTA: Anna Peřinová (originally Marta Dancingerová)
OLIN: Jacob Erftemeijer
FARÁŘ: Petr Buchta

DIRECTOR: Dodo Gombár
STAGE DESIGN: Michaela Horáčková Hořejší
COSTUMES: Lenka Odvárková
MUSIC: Tomáš Červinek
DRAMATURGY: Martina Kinská


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