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Marilyn, the Bastard (Parchant Marilyn)

Lucie Kolouchová, Natália Deáková
Švandovo Theatre Ensemble

Loves, life and death of Marilyn Monroe accompanied by live music!

Show Length: 1 hr 40 min without intermission
Director: Natália Deáková
Premiere Date: 13. 10. 2012
Derniere Date: 30. 12. 2016

A play about the birth of a myth. The myth of MM.

About a brunette turning into a blonde and about what it costs her, a play about the star's PR and manipulation, a play about Norma Jeane Mortenson and Marilyn. 

Even more than fifty years later, the icon of Marilyn Monroe still fascinates us, as a lost girl who didn't know parental love and who for the rest of her life strived to be loved, as a great manipulator and a victim of manipulation. 

She was pushed to play the role she had been playing exquisitely her whole life and sacrificed everything, even her privacy, to conform with it. One day, however, she outgrew the role of Marilyn Monroe... Would she still be able to go back, would there be anything left of Norma Jeane under the mask of sexual goddess? And is there enough love in the world to make the little forsaken girl feel loved?

Kindly note that actors smoke on stage during the show. 

DRAMATURGY: Lucie Kolouchová
MUSIC: Jakub Kudláč
STAGE DESIGN: Lukáš Kuchinka
COSTUMES: Daniela Klimešová
PRODUCTION: Ivana Vojtová, Jitka Dvořáková             
STAGE MANAGER: Blanka Popková


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