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The Idiots (Idioti)

Lars von Trier
Švandovo Theatre Ensemble

They look and behave like idiots, but what if they're not...

Show Length: 2 hrs 20 min including intermission
Director: Anna Petrželková
Premiere Date: 8. 3. 2014
Derniere Date: 16. 12. 2016

A sensitive cynic and depressive provocateur Lars von Trier and his ruthless view of the society and a man as such. Theatrical adaptation of one of Dogma 95 cult movies. 

A clique of friends decides to fake mental retardation as a protest against all that is provincial, and to provoke others in restaurants, factories, swimming pools... anywhere and without any limitations, to expose a seemingly cultivated society to a shock and thus reveal its hypocrisy and xenophobic moods. 

No one inquires into others' past and everyone lives for the moment. Karen also joins an eerie asylum and becomes slowly engulfed by the principles and rules of this untraditional club. Step by step, she also discovers her inner idiot, liberating herself and also starts to fool around. At first great fun but soon furious scampering.     

The haven of the cosy house in the suburbs transforms into a prison. What used to be an unrestrained game to feel real freedom gives rise to more and more conflicts. If the club is to live on, each of its members must pass a test - are they really committed to making their inner idiots come forward in spite of the requirements of reality and instinct of self-preservation. Most certainly, it is not possible to flee from oneself forever. 

"Idiots are the people of the future."

The play is not suitable for children and young audience. 

STOFFER: Luboš Veselý
KAREN: Klára Cibulková
ZUZANA: Eva Josefíková (originally Zuzana Onufráková)
KATRINE: Erika Stárková 
JOSEFÍNA: Martina Krátká
AXEL: Filip Čapka
HENRIK: Marek Pospíchal
JEPPE: Patrik Děrgel
REST OF CAST: Tomáš Petřík, Bohdana Pavlíková, David Punčochář, Tomáš Červinek, Jiří Weiner     

TRANSLATION: Robert Novotný
ADAPTATION: Martina Kinská, Anna Petrželková
DRAMATURGY: Martina Kinská
STAGE DESIGN: Lucie Labajová
COSTUMES: Lenka Odvárková
MUSIC SELECTION: Anna Petrželková                     
PRODUCTION: Jitka Dvořáková
STAGE MANAGER: Blanka Popková
ASSISTANT TO DIRECTOR: Blanka Popková, Zuzana Patráková


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