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Instructions for your safety and maximum comfort.


The current possible capacity 100%. 

Instructions for you, which you need to follow when visiting the theatre:

  • Viewers are kindly requested to select an online payment method when purchasing tickets for the show (if possible) and leave their contact info (email, phone number) for possible further communication.


Rules for entering the theater valid from November 22, 2021:

  • For all theatre visitors, it is necessary to prove with a confirmation at the entrance to the theatre with a certificate of vaccination at least 14 days after second dose (in the case of a two-dose schedule) or 14 days (in the case of a single-dose schedule), or if the person proves that he or she had a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 disease and no more than 180 days have elapsed since a positive test; or a negative PCR test if you are a person aged 12 to 18, with a contraindication to vaccination confirmed by a doctor or have completed the first dose of vaccination. Antigen tests cannot be used.

Children under the age of 12 are not required to prove infectivity when entering the theatre.

Upon entering the theatre, the auditorium staff is obliged to check the fulfillment of these conditions and the person is obliged to prove the fulfillment of the conditions above. In case when a person does not prove the fulfillment of these conditions, the theatre staff is obliged not to admit such a person into the auditorium.

  • If you notice symptoms of the disease or have come into contact with an infected person, please be considerate of others and stay at home. The temperature for the visitors of the theatre will not be measured.

  • Theatre doors open at 18:30.

  • Maintain a spacing of 2 meters in all areas of the theatre (cloakrooms, restrooms and anywhere else in the foyer).

  • Keep your respirator on for the entire stay in the theatre. Viewers without it will not be allowed into the theatre.

  • Usage of cloakrooms is voluntary.

  • Hand disinfection will be available infront of the theatre and toilets.

  • The theatre café is open when there's a performance on.

Hygiene measures may change according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the government. Before visiting the theatre, please read the current information on our website.

Hygiene measures for your safety:

  • All ushers and cloakroom operators will be wearing respirators.
  • The air conditioning in the hall is switched on without circulation.
  • We regularly disinfect the auditorium before and after the performance (handrails, armrests, handles, railings, etc.)
  • We use virucides in all areas of the theater to clean the premises.

With reference to the government's statement, in the event of an infection, the theatre is not responsible, because it is not possible to prove that the spectator became infected in the theatre. Entrance to the theatre is voluntary and the spectator bears the risk for his decision to go to it.