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Mime Mission

17 - 19/10/2019! A remarkable show of pantomime by Radim Vizváry and his guests.

In three days, the audience was offered three most successful productions of the Mime Prague - Solo, VIP and Paperboy. Beyond the borders of Czech pantomime, you could see the world-famous Australian duo Umbilical Brothers and the discovery of German pantomime Jannis Eggelsmann.
The Mime Collection exhibition was a bonus to the show, with other artists and ensembles' performance. Nine outcomes prepared specifically for this evening offered a wide range of works that represent contemporary mime and non-verbal theater.

An unforgettable experience for those who like pantomime, but also for those who are still discovering it. 



6 PM   17/10/2019    STUDIO       Jannis Eggelsmann: Dr. Till - Don't Escape 
8 PM   17/10/2019    Main Hall     Radim Vizváry: Sólo                                       

6 PM   18/10/2019    STUDIO       Radim Vizváry: VIP                                        
8 PM   18/10/2019    Main Hall     Mime Prague: Mime Collection                 

11 AM 19/10/2019    Main Hall     Radim Vizváry: Paperboy                             
8 PM   19/10/2019    Main Hall     Umbilical Brothers: THE BEST OF THE WORST OF THE BEST       



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