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Buchty a loutky - Skřítek

Buchty a loutky
Cakes and Puppets

An elf seeks some adventure.

Show Length: 50 min without intermission
Director: Marek Bečka
Cast: Zuzana Bruknerová, Marek Bečka, Vít Brukner
Premiere Date: 23. 11. 2013

In a forest, on a meadow or maybe just out of a village, in places where no people can see them, the fairies have their homes. They are neither many, nor few, just enough. A baby fairy was just born to one fairy mum and fairy dad! Everyone’s happy, especially when they find out that the fairy, who’s growing so fast, has a huge musical talent. Music springs out of everything he touches and he sings so well and everyone likes him, above all his friend, little miss fairy. But the fairy thinks that the forest, meadow or even being just out of the village is boring and his friend rather common. The world and the city must look so different! And so the fairy takes off and … 

The production was awarded three prizes on the Mateřinka festival 2015 for puppets (Tereza Komárková), direction (Marek Bečka) and music&sound concept (Vít Brukner).

The performance is designed for children aged 4+.

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