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Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Workshop I

Special intensive workshop with an international touring theatre company Footsbarn Travelling Theatre - MASK MAKING WORKSHOP


Workshop for English speakers.

Workshop focuses on the making of mask, which the students can use in the Acting with mask workshop and try it out straight away. The mask making itself gives us the opportunity to a deeper discovery of the means of human face expressions and their effects in nonverbal communication.

The workshop will run for two days with a-one-day break. It is essential to let the materials dry. Therefore it is a fast mask making using already made cast of one's own face. For professional purposes the process usually takes longer. For this workshop purpose we'll use gypsum cast, ceramic clay, newspaper, glue, colours, rubber bands, wires, beads...

At the beginning we'll focus on the theory of mask making, after that we will present the mask collection which the company made and uses in their long practice. And finally the participants will choose a theatre character whose mask they will make.

Lead by Fredericka Hayter, member of FFT

Workshop is a part of the festival Footsbarn en Tchéquie.