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Footsbarn Travelling Theatre Workshop II

Special intensive workshop with an international touring theatre company Footsbarn Travelling Theatre - ACTING WITH MASK WORKSHOP

Workshop for English speakers.

Footsbarn Travelling Theatre is one of the world’s leading touring companies performing for the most part in one of its circus big tops but also in theatres thoughout the world. Five of the present troupe were trained at the International school, based in Paris, of Jacques Lecoq.

The school is based in movement , improvisation and discovery ,it's  aim being that the students are ready to create their own  performances through a constant state of openness to give and receive from the other players and the space they are in.

Through exercises with the observation and breaking down of  movement , the participants will discover the chorus and the space, clown, mask, voice through improvisation. This with the teachers feeding them the student should feel that it is only in the urgence that we find the essential.

Workshop is a part of the festival Footsbarn en Tchéquie.