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Scenography Workshop

(Don't) make a scene!



PRICE: 1 600 CZK


Discover the magic of scenography with us. Basics of scenography, spatial representation of thoughts and feelings from the original text to the whole drama.

The subject of scenography is the dramatic properties of space and the shaping of a dramatic character. The scenography participates as an author in the creation of a theatrical production. Discover the core principles of the stage artist's work. How to materialize the vision we have? How to breathe life into the design of a theatre stage?
The workshop touches not only on a brief history of scenography, but is mainly focused on the practical part of stage design, technology and implementation options.



Kateřina Zelená

tel.: +420 234 651 251, mob.: +420 725 483 323
e-mail: zelena (zavináč)