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Body and Movement Workshop

Without Words



PRICE: 1 400 CZK 


No special dance or movement skills needed for participation in this workshop.

One of the most important part of acting is body and movement preparation, connection between actor's inner world and his body. Using basic and easy movement exercises we'll gently learn how to use our bodies in relationship with the acting space and our acting partner.

The workshop is focused on perception of your own body in the acting space, exploring and extending the opportunities of our own movement and gesture, expressing emotions with our body and self-knowledge through your body. By using our body we will learn not only to mediate our own feelings and emotions but also to create dramatic character and it's physicality. We'll also focus on dramatic situation and we might even get to a few final shapes.

Come to explore all the options of your own body and the magic of stage movement!


Kateřina Zelená

tel.: +420 234 651 251, mob.: +420 725 483 323
e-mail: zelena (at)