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Voice and Speech workshop

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PRICE: 1 400 CZK 


Voice, breathing and articulation exercises, script inerpretation and even a visit of the professional recording studio of Švandovo Theatre and recording a sample of your own voice - all that and even more!

First two sessions will be mostly focused on voice, breathing and articulation exercises. Within individual assupmtions of each participant we'll learn how to use our voice, how to breathe correctly, how to project and how to not overwhelm your vocal cords. Togehther we'll learn how to vocally manage bigger acting space and even to overcome your fear of speaking publicly and your stage fright.

The last session is dedicated to our professional recording stuido where you will have a very special opportunity to record a sample of your own voice.



Kateřina Zelená

tel.: +420 234 651 251, mob.: +420 725 483 323
e-mail: zelena (at)