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Shows for English speaking audience

Shows in English or with English supertitles

For chosen productions, we put to use our supertitle equipment and open our doors to international English-speaking audience.


Performance of work in progress is postponed to 2021.

American Dream/ Czech Nightmare, volume II 

One generation, one world and its two oposite ends.

Ones come from a country that has 327 milions of citizens, others come from a country that has only 10 milions of citizens. Ones know only vaguely that the other country is somewhere in Europe, others know the other side of the world from films and tv that they have been watching since their childhood.

Students of Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) in Prague and students of The New School in New York will meet in Švandovo Theatre and all of them will carry on with their collaboration from last year to present the perspective of a young generation that looks at contemporary society from two different world`s ends. What do those two perspectives have in common and what divides them? This will be answered by work in progess composed of short plays written exclusively for this project by young talented playwrights from both universities.



Martina Měšťanová
mob.:+420 775 537 944