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The Boss of It All
Theatrical version of a superb Lars von Trier movie.
25. 4. 19:00 Main Hallsold out
The Builders
Alice and Manfred are building their dream house. But first they must deal with The Builde...
26. 4. 19:00 Main Hallorder by formon-line
 Karel Čapek is one of the the most influential Czech writers of the 20th century. He...
28. 4. 19:00 Main Hallorder by formon-line

About us

©vandovo Theatre in Smichov is a modern European Culture Centre of Performing Arts. Its repertory is constituted mainly by productions of established artistic troupe and also by other productions, which are divided to the periodic programme cycles addicted to various genres and events of performing arts. Svandovo - it´s a beautiful space that attracts a young,  academic crowd. All shows in Main Auditorium with English surtitles!



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