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Buchty a loutky - Čelisti Reloaded

Buchty a loutky
Cakes and Puppets

A story about a big angry fish and a brave lifeguard based on a famous movie "Jaws".

Show Length: 1 hr 35 min with intermission
Director: Radek Beran
Premiere Date: 22. 6. 2011

Look your fear in the eyes.

Part Three of the four-part series inspired by quality American films: Psycho Reloaded, Barbarella ReloLook your fear in the eyesaded, The Fly Reloaded. Film from the 1960’s about an angry fish, which hunts an innocent swimmer in an unknown beach resort. Unless they’ve been eaten by the film’s star, almost everyone has probably seen this film. Steven Spielberg is synonymous with quality cinematography and subtle detachment, while Cake and Puppets are synonymous with quality puppetry and sometimes, unsubtle detachment. And it is this detachment is key to Jaws Reloaded and reason for maybe everyone seeing the production in their time. The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic supported the production with a grant to the author of the series, Radek Beran.

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