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Buchty a loutky - Psycho Reloaded

Buchty a loutky
Cakes and Puppets

Mother, what have you done? A puppet show based on Hitchcock´s cult horror movie "Psycho". 

Show Length: 1 hr 10 min without intermission
Director: Radek Beran
Premiere Date: 11. 2. 2011

First instalment of a four-part series inspired by quality American films / Barbarella Reloaded / Jaws Reloaded / The Fly Reloaded / All About the Motives of the Puppet Theatre's Renowen Horror. A tribute to a good film and bad humour, a tribute to the tradition of puppetry. So many tributes it sends shivers down your spine. 

The project was was supported by the Ministry of Culture with a grant to the author of the series, Radek Beran.

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